A new definition of sexual energy

This full moon meditation took me to a wonderful experience I am about to share. Pune had rains and I had a craving to do this meditation under the Full moon light. I wanted to join our group meditation, but due to heavy rains I had to postpone it. This was a bit disappointing. So I lit a candle inside my dark room and sat for meditation to be across locations.

It took me right up the clouds feeling feather light and I was sitting on the clouds just looking straight at the moon. Yes it’s possible to see the moon when it’s raining heavily  The cool beams of the Moon showering its milky light on my senses. I could look down to the group meditations happening, but somehow I didn’t feel like going there leaving this magical place, the divine so close to me.

After sometime, I felt like loving this divine with my body. Suddenly I saw my beloved in a physical form with me. I choose to be in a Male expression to love my Female beloved Divine. A deep love making started on top of the clouds, loving the divine through my body who was in the physical body of my beloved. The sexual energy created in my “Muladhara” was continuously making its way to “Sahasrara”. The energy created was very strong, Love making became such an act of meditation never known to me before.

The experience left me in deep peace. We two sat for meditation after that on the clouds.

Then A New World opened to me.

The new world that’s coming would use sexual energy as PowerStations of energy creation. Male/Female sexes would be an expression of a soul. The soul would choose whether to express itself as male or female form. Also after they are in a particular sex form, its upto them to alter their sexes anytime if there is a need to change their expressions.

Love making would be a divine act to create higher energies on this earth. It will happen only when required between two souls who are interested in creating higher energies around them and for their spiritual development. The malfunction of sexual energy happening now on this earth would be no more. Marriages, egoistic love, emotional love etc. would be replaced by a new system of love creation. This illusion of “the current system of love making” will be replaced by “love generators”. Love making would be an act of loving “All that is” or the “divine” through the beloved. There would be only one love, that’s the love for the Divine. It will be an “Unconditional love” that would benefit all.

A couple in love making would be surrounded by mediators to help them energize more, and there would be a tremendous energy created, benefiting the whole mankind and the earth. Love making would be an act of uplifting of sexual energy from the sex organs, and not the flow of sexual energy downwards.

A birth of a child will only happen when it’s very important and the two souls feel the importance of it. There might be a family created, but the need would be for spiritual development and rising of the energy field.

After sexual act, there would/won’t be any connection of personal attachment of the two souls, as the only love would be for the divine. If they choose to stay together, that would be for a higher purpose for spiritual development and energy creation. Again the sexes are free to choose any other partner for sexual act if they feel they can raise their energy. This would be a healthy sharing, which would be appreciated by everyone as our recent world’s rituals ceremony.

It would be clear to all that our ultimate love can be only for the divine or “all that is” and there would be continuous effort to reach the divine in all actions done on earth. Sexual act would be more of “Energy rising” and not of “Energy stealing”.


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I am soul in evolution
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One Response to A new definition of sexual energy

  1. Rahul Shah says:


    It was a wonderful Blog, Pretty discriptive & Smartly expressed.

    Look forward to see more of this blogs coming up


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