An Emotional act – Sex

Emotions are our expressions. Without emotions, we are machines or robots. The real essence of human existence lies in his emotions.

Also emotions have different types and levels. For example the emotions of Alexander and Buddha has a difference.

Emotions are not in material form, they try to manifest through various physical expressions. Love, Anger, Depression, Laughter etc are all different forms of emotional expressions.

All kind of human expressions come from emotions. Beautiful emotions trigger passion that leads to beautiful inventions. Once a man had an emotion to fly, that became his passion and he discovered the first flying machine. Whatever we see around us that are man made came from emotions.

Many artists try to express their emotions through their painting, music, dance, songs, poetry etc. A scientist tries to express his emotions through his invention.

According to me, the deepest way of expressing human emotions is through sex. When emotions drive sex, the core of the person comes to the surface. For example if the core of the person has fear, then his sexual act will be a fear filled. On the other hand, if the core of a person is beautiful and filled with love, the essence of his beauty will be expressed in his sexual act. It is impossible to hide a person’s “real face” during a sexual act. Sex peels off all layers of human mask to make the core visible.


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I am soul in evolution
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