Male and Female

What is it to be a Male? What is it to be a Female? Do we really understand these tags we fall in or our biological body is enough to define them?

Male and Female are two energies we all are made up of, be it biological male or female. Balancing of these two energies inside us leads to inner beauty. Then our outer expression can choose what kind of dance it wants to get into in this worldly celebration – Male or Female or Both. Biological genders assigned to us have nothing to do with these expressions.

Female energy is all about the love, patience, understanding and the beauty in us. Male energy is the creative energy. It is the focus through which creation transpires. 

The Male energy shapes the Female energy, it gives focus to the Female energy and protects it. Female energy needs the Male energy to manifest.

The Female energy is the beauty that guides the Male energy in its creation and manifestation. For example, let us assume that a Soul wants to create a beautiful garden. The creation part is the work of Male energy but only the Female energy can make it beautiful. The essence of the garden lies in the Female energy, where as the Garden is structured by the Male energy. So the absence of Female energy, will lead to the creation of a formless garden. And the absence of the Male energy will only have the thought/dream of a beautiful garden, but it will never be created on the physical plane. The Male energy grounds the female energy.

In our soul approach, Male and Female energies can be defined as follows:  

Male energy: What we do?

Female energy: How we do?

For example, the strength in Iron is a Masculine energy, but for Iron to be useful it has to be bended to some shape. For the bending, it has to be soft, this is a feminine energy.


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I am soul in evolution
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