Inner search is all about Freedom

To find our inner selves we require help, help of a Friend around. To find the unknown, we require some support to depend on who can show us the way. That’s why we are on this earth plane to experience and learn, Earth is the greatest school. After we have gained the knowledge we were looking for, at some point of time it is important to let go of the Friend and not depend on him. Because inner search is all about freedom. Many times it happens that we stick to that Friend and our inner search is obstructed. But the right Friend will always show the way to leave after the knowledge is transferred; he will not make us depend on him. The right Friend will always make us more independent and free, but not dependent.


We have to be really be very selfish in finding ourselves out, or how will we understand how we are actually connected with people and everything around? This selfish word might seem to be so ugly initially, but it will be turned to Bliss later on. The reason is, if we know ourselves, we will know everyone and everything around us the way they are. Only this is true knowing. So this selfishness comes from the Highest purpose.


This Friend will come to us in many forms, in forms of our pals, colleagues, spouse, parents and other people around. Everyone around us is our Master. They are teaching us always. Some will teach us great lessons, some might teach us small lessons. A friend that will teach us the most, we might fall in love with that person, it’s obvious! Here comes our relationships. In our inner search, it might happen that the connection that we thought is Love, later turned out to be Ego. It has to be understood that we learn from our experiences. So at one point of time the illusion of Love with Ego was important. Behind this illusion is the path to light.


Now its upto to us to decide how long will we hold on to the path and not move towards the light. Is the Path important for us or the Light, the choice is ours.


About Adi

I am soul in evolution
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