Body and Habits

When we stop doing something suddenly, that our heart is not supporting anymore, our body reacts. For example we stop smoking or we withdraw from a situation that is not supporting us anymore or give up certain habits etc. The body opposes, and forces us to get back to the same old routine. The body does not like changes, it always wants something old and familiar to hang on to, to feel comfortable and be at ease. But this is not as it should be. From ages we have been slaves to our body, the body drives us, rather than we driving it.

So like a noisy child, it will create all kinds of disharmony to fulfill its agreement. It will twist, turn, create irritation, anxiety, pain etc. The best way to go about it is just be a witness to what the body is doing at that time. Just let it do what it wants to, but be aware of it. Know where the dis-ease is coming from and acknowledge it. Don’t do anything about it, just watch! This might take few days, but a remarkable change will happen. The real issue can get completely eluded from the core making you free. Try it!!


About Adi

I am soul in evolution
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