Grounding is important

I am observing a frustration, impatience and fire in me, when I am trying to solve earth’s problem and grounding myself. It’s easy to sit and meditate for hours for healing, rather than this painful process. The process seems painful as “unnecessary” things are happening. When things are clearly stated and are in front of us, why can’t we take the leap? It pains really bad to be in pain –  “without reason”.


I am required to rest, be calm and at the same time be in this “game”. Being in this game can only ground me, and grounding is a hard process for me. All my life I have been running away from this earthly games, thinking that they are useless to solve, why not go and sit calmly somewhere else. But only going through this “game” I will be able to dive into the finer aspects of earth’s reality.


My higher chakras are beautifully evolved, but they need to come down in my body and feed my lower chakras. This means, I need to face all situations on earth plane and solve them from my higher self, without getting impatient, frustrated and setting myself on fire. Now how do I do this?


Meditation – Grounding – Meditation – Grounding – Meditation


Not working? Ok …. So do …


More Meditation – Grounding – More Meditation – Grounding – More Meditation


Still not working?? Ok .. so ….


Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Meditation – Grounding  – Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Meditation – Grounding – Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Meditation



Hmmm, now this looks like a new approach. Let me try this.



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I am soul in evolution
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