We create our own reality

We are what our Ego has created us to be. Ego is driven by emotions, so our emotions creates our core. Pure emotions will create a pure core. Ego gives the soul a separate identity on this earth plane to be a unique creator, which leaves choices for endless creation. So Ego has a positive side to be. Now behind the Ego core, is the source or what we understand by the term “All that is”. Inner search is all about the meeting of this core with the source, as we are a part of this source.


We create our own reality, what we want to create outside is what we are at our core. We change inside and the outer projection is changed accordingly. So when the core operates with the source, our creations are beautiful on the other hand if the core is acting without getting in touch with the source, our creations are ugly.


We create our own reality


Is this statement true from all sides? What if we are trying to create a beautiful garden with another person? Will not the freewill of the other person matter in our creation? Are there other things affecting our creativity that can stop or distort our creation? What is the main factor in creating our own reality the way we want it?


The answer is – Intention behind the creation.


It will matter if the intention is coming from the Ego core or the source. If creating this garden is drawing good vibrations on earth that supports the source, then we can just believe strongly in creating this reality and this will happen.


On the other hand, if the intention of creating this garden is coming from the Ego core, for example we are trying to create this garden to prove that we can create beautiful gardens, then this will not be supporting the source and hence it won’t be created. So in place of the original creation that we have desired, the “beautiful garden”, we will be unconsciously creating some ugliness.


Therefore, We create our own reality – Beautiful or Ugly will be decided by our intentions.


About Adi

I am soul in evolution
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