An Emotional act – Sex

Emotions are our expressions. Without emotions, we are machines or robots. The real essence of human existence lies in his emotions.

Also emotions have different types and levels. For example the emotions of Alexander and Buddha has a difference.

Emotions are not in material form, they try to manifest through various physical expressions. Love, Anger, Depression, Laughter etc are all different forms of emotional expressions.

All kind of human expressions come from emotions. Beautiful emotions trigger passion that leads to beautiful inventions. Once a man had an emotion to fly, that became his passion and he discovered the first flying machine. Whatever we see around us that are man made came from emotions.

Many artists try to express their emotions through their painting, music, dance, songs, poetry etc. A scientist tries to express his emotions through his invention.

According to me, the deepest way of expressing human emotions is through sex. When emotions drive sex, the core of the person comes to the surface. For example if the core of the person has fear, then his sexual act will be a fear filled. On the other hand, if the core of a person is beautiful and filled with love, the essence of his beauty will be expressed in his sexual act. It is impossible to hide a person’s “real face” during a sexual act. Sex peels off all layers of human mask to make the core visible.

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Routine is Anti-spiritual = Anti-human Syndrome

When we follow a routine in our life, we eat at the right time, take bath at the right time, go to office at the right time, we are conditioned to be a machine and not human. Humans are not machines, its important to speak to the body and understand what are its need in different hours and is it ready to support the outside activities. Life should be a free flow, every day is new, how is it possible to have the same day again? How is it possible to follow the same routine again and again?

When we are out of this routine syndrome, and follow our body through our heart, we live in a joyous state. We understand what to do when. Through this free flow, whenever our life situation is against us, we can pull ourself back very easily and we know what best to be done at that time.

But its not possible to understand this beautiful concept if we live in the solid state of routine. Its important to break free our routine to be creative.

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Knowing Love

Such a simple word “Love” and we are so much conditioned to understand this simplicity. Our being, our true self is “Love”, yet we have so many conditioned definitions to it and we keep on evaluating it. One such statement I made was to understand “Love”; we have to practice “Love”. It’s really hilarious!

Love a pure feminine energy, but when we get “polluted” from this earthly matrix we forget our true self, we forget what love is. To get back to the real essence, we bring in the male energy- the “energy of the sword” i.e. Discernment, and we start questioning it.

All my relationships, I have been searching for love. I was experimenting all the time, with the chemistry, biology, mathematics of love. Sometime I gave impure love, I got impure love. Sometime I gave just physical love, I got just physical love. Sometime I gave 1kg love, I got 20 gm love, sometime I got 2 kgs also! I gave 0 kg love, I got 0 kg love. This experiment is what I call practicing love. The worldly love we generally know, is what I will call “Polluted Love”. We all are actually practicing on “Polluted Love” to find “Real Love”. Because in practicing “Polluted Love”, we come to know what is “Not Love”.

It is offcourse a logical approach, a male approach. At some point it has to dissolve because practicing it is dissolving it and we reach our true self – Love. That’s why it’s such a nice feeling that I am defeated by love.

In earth plane, that’s the need for both the energies to play together, hence is the divine dance of male & female energies.

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Love and Sex

Sex is an unconscious act. The soul runs out of the body during sex, what is left is merely the body, the mechanical body. Or in other words it’s just the innocent “Physical body” which tries it’s best to please itself. But the soul is not interested in such act, the soul is not interested in anything which is not creative. For the soul it’s a disrespectful / unconscious act. This act is of “Energy loosing”. That’s why after sex one feels guilty.

The more pure form is “Love making”. In this the “Emotional body” functions. The “Physical body” is guided by the “Emotional body”. It matters more what happens to the “Emotional body” rather than the “Physical body”. But again, emotions are also misconceptions. This act feeds each other’s emotional needs. It’s an act of “Energy exchange” rather than “Energy loosing”. After “Love making” one’s Ego feels satisfied.

The more purer form is “Love Meditation”. In this the “Self” functions. When the “Emotional body” is healed by the soul, the pure energy functions. There happens a love sharing, out of inner happiness. It is a “Self loving” act, where energy is not lost, nor exchanged but the energy created is circulated in the body. Its more of an “Energy gaining” act. This energy feeds the higher chakra from the root chakra. That’s why after “Love Meditation” one feels Elated.

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A new definition of sexual energy

This full moon meditation took me to a wonderful experience I am about to share. Pune had rains and I had a craving to do this meditation under the Full moon light. I wanted to join our group meditation, but due to heavy rains I had to postpone it. This was a bit disappointing. So I lit a candle inside my dark room and sat for meditation to be across locations.

It took me right up the clouds feeling feather light and I was sitting on the clouds just looking straight at the moon. Yes it’s possible to see the moon when it’s raining heavily  The cool beams of the Moon showering its milky light on my senses. I could look down to the group meditations happening, but somehow I didn’t feel like going there leaving this magical place, the divine so close to me.

After sometime, I felt like loving this divine with my body. Suddenly I saw my beloved in a physical form with me. I choose to be in a Male expression to love my Female beloved Divine. A deep love making started on top of the clouds, loving the divine through my body who was in the physical body of my beloved. The sexual energy created in my “Muladhara” was continuously making its way to “Sahasrara”. The energy created was very strong, Love making became such an act of meditation never known to me before.

The experience left me in deep peace. We two sat for meditation after that on the clouds.

Then A New World opened to me.

The new world that’s coming would use sexual energy as PowerStations of energy creation. Male/Female sexes would be an expression of a soul. The soul would choose whether to express itself as male or female form. Also after they are in a particular sex form, its upto them to alter their sexes anytime if there is a need to change their expressions.

Love making would be a divine act to create higher energies on this earth. It will happen only when required between two souls who are interested in creating higher energies around them and for their spiritual development. The malfunction of sexual energy happening now on this earth would be no more. Marriages, egoistic love, emotional love etc. would be replaced by a new system of love creation. This illusion of “the current system of love making” will be replaced by “love generators”. Love making would be an act of loving “All that is” or the “divine” through the beloved. There would be only one love, that’s the love for the Divine. It will be an “Unconditional love” that would benefit all.

A couple in love making would be surrounded by mediators to help them energize more, and there would be a tremendous energy created, benefiting the whole mankind and the earth. Love making would be an act of uplifting of sexual energy from the sex organs, and not the flow of sexual energy downwards.

A birth of a child will only happen when it’s very important and the two souls feel the importance of it. There might be a family created, but the need would be for spiritual development and rising of the energy field.

After sexual act, there would/won’t be any connection of personal attachment of the two souls, as the only love would be for the divine. If they choose to stay together, that would be for a higher purpose for spiritual development and energy creation. Again the sexes are free to choose any other partner for sexual act if they feel they can raise their energy. This would be a healthy sharing, which would be appreciated by everyone as our recent world’s rituals ceremony.

It would be clear to all that our ultimate love can be only for the divine or “all that is” and there would be continuous effort to reach the divine in all actions done on earth. Sexual act would be more of “Energy rising” and not of “Energy stealing”.

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