Routine is Anti-spiritual = Anti-human Syndrome

When we follow a routine in our life, we eat at the right time, take bath at the right time, go to office at the right time, we are conditioned to be a machine and not human. Humans are not machines, its important to speak to the body and understand what are its need in different hours and is it ready to support the outside activities. Life should be a free flow, every day is new, how is it possible to have the same day again? How is it possible to follow the same routine again and again?

When we are out of this routine syndrome, and follow our body through our heart, we live in a joyous state. We understand what to do when. Through this free flow, whenever our life situation is against us, we can pull ourself back very easily and we know what best to be done at that time.

But its not possible to understand this beautiful concept if we live in the solid state of routine. Its important to break free our routine to be creative.


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